The Swinging of Weights from Alexander Mouton.

Artist’s Statement:
“The Swinging of Weights” is an image/audio/text mash-up which contrasts relative and absolute time through the juxtaposition of its media. The piece contrasts hyper-fast photographs with deliberately slow-paced video, as well as appropriated literary, historical, and theoretical texts, and a sound composition from both original and appropriated sources. “The Swinging of Weights” is equally influenced by literature, film, music and contemporary media and also by their respective histories.

About the Author:
As an artist, Alexander Mouton is interested in the intersection of consciousness, perception, and imagination, and in his work he explores themes such as history and the relations between people, social/environmental issues, and technology.  Through his Unseen Press, Alexander’s limited-edition photo books are collected internationally by institutions including MoMA Library, NYC; the Getty Research Institute, LA; and the Kunst Bibliothek, Berlin. Alexander’s time-based media has been exhibited at SFcamerawork, USA; the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey; the Walker Art Center, USA; SpringgunPress issue 5, USA; blueOrange: Revue de Literature Hypermediatique, v#7, Canada; and the E-Poetry 2013 Festival, UK; among international venues.

Photo By: Wilder