The Ugliest Girl in Christendom Gets Her School Pictures Taken


They tell me to tilt my head.
Then gazing through the lens,
they flinch. It’s daytime—
I know what I am, an antiseptic swab.
But at night, when the dark
softens me into mirage,
if you saw me through a window
as I crept through the woods,
you would begin to dream
of other worlds and imagine
me a messenger, wondering
as I do, what I might reveal
if ever I drew close.


Photo: Mirage by Eric Vondy

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About Author

Camille-Yvette Welsch teaches at Pennsylvania State University and serves as book review editor for Literary Mama. Her work has appeared in Indiana Review, Mid-American Review, Barrow Street, and From the Fishouse. Her manuscript, The Four Ugliest Children in Christendom, was a finalist at Steel Toe Books in 2013.

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