The Whole Speaks


“The Whole Speaks”
Caroline Rumley (director)
Nelms Creekmur (writer, voice)
Country: USA

“Set in a small steel forge, with a camera in close-up on hard, hot surfaces of metal and tool – this seems an unlikely subject for poetry. Yet a beautiful film poem this is. A fusion of taut phrases and tight framing draw us into the earthy, masculine soul of the craftsman. The philosophical reflections that are spoken seem spiritual in a grounded, physical way. The music is also well chosen, featuring the metallic string sounds of a solo guitar. With a fine balance of formal elements, this film is surprisingly intimate. A highly rewarding experience, lending new perspectives on a subject that might otherwise remain unseen.” – Marie Craven


Caroline RumleyCaroline Rumley is a multi-modal storyteller working primarily with moving images. Her films have screened at festivals in North America and Europe including the Atlanta Film Festival, the Zebra, Ó Bhéal, and Juteback Poetry fests, Still Voices, Haverhill, Anti-Matter, the Houston Center for Photography, and upcoming at Sundance. She works in Atlanta, where she lives with her family. Find her online here.



Nelms CreekmurNelms Creekmur is a writer and blacksmith who lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. He spends his days making art out of collected railroad ties, crafting them into useful and ruggedly beautiful items.When he is not pounding metal on an anvil, he can be found pounding the keys of an old school typewriter, telling tales of what it is like to create something out of nothing. Find him online here.

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About Author


Caroline Rumley is a film-maker and visual artist working with video, pictures, found footage, spoken word, cinemagraphs, and sound. She is interested in the visual narrative in its many forms, particularly in what Malcolm Gladwell calls a “thin-sliced instance,” that brief flash that tells you all you need to know. Her experimental documentaries and video poems have been screened, exhibited, and published in the US and Europe, most recently at the Atlanta Film Festival and the Houston Center for Photography. Her work is included in Charlotte Cotton’s Best of 2017. She lives and works in Atlanta, and sometimes Vienna.

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