Artist’s Statement:  I use multiple mediums to try to make a poem into a space or an experience, so that rather than just reading or listening, it’s more like entering a room. I love working with light, sound, movement, layered images and textures. Digital technologies have allowed me to teach myself how to make things despite having minimal training or experience. I often pursue these kinds of projects as a way to remain engaged when I’m not writing. They require a different kind of attention, one that is possible without the quiet and solitude I personally need to write.

Box Breathing is meant to echo a short meditation video, one that, however, admits at its edges the ominous actual world that meditation videos represent an escape from.


Resolved was a response to feeling the disintegration of other places that this year has represented for me, as we isolate in a single place for a longer and longer stretch of time. It addresses the anxiety of an uncertain future.


Enter is a penultimate poem in a long sequence called V, from my forthcoming collection (A) V(ertigo Book) (The Word Works, 2021). The sequence enters the interior universe of a widow who sings for funeral masses.