Title Envy Cento

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Poetry

Blue autumn
when the big wind comes
             like a soprano
in the hour between dog and wolf
and a hundred million years of nectar dances:
             bright dead things.
After west
we almost disappear.

There’s a ghost in this machine of air
listening long and late
             happy in an ordinary thing
                          given sugar, given salt.
Queen of a rainy country,
say this prayer into the past.

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Title Envy Cento, a poem by Catherine Abbey Hodges

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About The Author


Catherine Abbey Hodges’s most recent collection of poems is Raft of Days. Dan Gerber selected her first full-length collection, Instead of Sadness, as winner of the 2015 Barry Spacks Poetry Prize from Gunpowder Press. Her poems have appeared widely and been featured on The Writer’s Almanac and Verse Daily. Co-coordinator of California Poets in the Schools for Tulare County, Catherine collaborates with her husband, cellist Rob Hodges, and was named 2017 faculty of the year at Porterville College, where her students keep her awake and amazed.