by | Aug 15, 2022 | Poetry

Before we can complete your registration
we need you to prove
you’re not a robot. Please check
all the boxes containing traffic lights.

In order to answer your question
we require that you create
an even stronger password.
Please tap rhythmically on all the squares
connected by crosswalks.

While we are confirming your membership
you must assume that you are
human. Please pull up the shades
on all the windows
hiding hungry children.

Unless we can address your concern
you may find yourself imagining
that you’re a crosswalk. Please cut out
each picture resembling an emergency
vehicle and turn it ninety degrees.

Until we can process your request
you should trust that you are not
a robot. Please circle all the squares
that sound like melting glaciers.

After we have refilled your prescription
you will need to re-establish
your identity. Please imitate
the joyful face, the angry face,
the fire hydrant and the grieving face
in reverse alphabetical order.

Please cross only at the crosswalk.
Please behave as if you’re one of us.
Thank you.
We can now fulfill our promise.

About The Author


Rebekah Wolman, a 2021 winner of Cultural Daily‘s Jack Grapes Poetry Prize, is based in San Francisco, California, on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone people. Her poems have appeared most recently in The Hopper and Small Orange (where she received the Small Orange Emerging Woman Poet Honor).