Turbines in January

‘Turbines in January’ was made in 2012 response to the poem of the same name by Colette Bryce. It uses animation and polaroid photography to explore the developing and changing ideas and understanding around Wind Turbine technology. It was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Prize for New Works in Poetry in 2013. It was recently screened as part of the PoetryFilm Summer Solstice event at The ICA centre for Contemporary Art in London.

Turbines in January from K A Sweeney on Vimeo.

Love on a Night Like This

‘Love on a Night Like This’ was commissioned by The Poetry Society London and ‘Filmpoem’, made in response to Josephine Abbott’s poem that won 3rd place in the National Poetry Competition 2013 (announced 2014). I wanted to explore the visceral qualities of live projection on skin. It has been screened at The Southbank International Poetry Festival 2014The Southbank Art Centre in London.

NPC 2013 3rd Prize – Love on a Night Like This from Filmpoem on Vimeo.


‘Archive’ Uses┬ádocumentary footage from The Bloodaxe Books archives at Newcastle University and a short poem by Anna Woodford. It features Anna’s hair and shadow.’Archive’ was part of a 15 minute film, ‘Proof’ about the Bloodaxe Archive by Kate Sweeney. It was screened last year at The Arnolfini gallery in Bristol.

Archive from K A Sweeney on Vimeo.