Two Filmpoems from EDUARDO YAGÜE

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LATE FRAGMENT is the final video in the series titled THE TENACIOUS LIGHT, a collection of six videos in which I investigate the language of poetry, film, acting, music, photography.  In these videos I explore the boundaries that passion, loneliness, madness or fear create in us.  I also mix genres, experiment, and look for ways to tell the stories that the poems I use as inspiration suggest to me, creating a new and personal work.

I recorded LATE FRAGMENT in my hometown Gijón (North Spain) at the beginning of 2015. The actors are Faustino Fernández and Pau Vegas, and music is by Marc Neys (aka Swoon), from his album “The Human Factor”.

OFFERTORY / OFERTORIO is my personal interpretation of a poem by the early 20th century Mexican poet Amado Nervo. I wanted to play with religious imagery by using two very simple but shocking long shots. Pablo Barragán and Gabriella Roy act. The music is by the Polish musician archiv ev noise. This is my first collaboration with Dave Bonta who provides the translation into English through his internet page Via Negativa and the Facebook group Poetry from the Other Americas.


EDUARDO YAGÜE has studied Dramatic Arts and Spanish Language and Literature. In Madrid he worked as an actor in theater and film. He is interested in mixing genres in his videos, searching the limits and interactions of poetic and cinematographic languages. His works are characterized by the roles of actors and by the choice of strong and emotionally moving poems. You can learn more about Eduardo and his work at:

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