Artist’s Statement: “Variations” emerged due to the need to know if it is possible to face the deepest pains, those that invade a person’s whole life and perspective, and to realize that it is possible to carry on. “Goodbye” (“Adiós”), the poem featured in “Variations,” was written by Idea Vilariño, (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1920 – 2009).

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Martín Klein (1980) is an independent film director and scriptwriter. His short film “Variations” has been awarded "Best Videopoetry" at Versi di Luce Festival (Italy), "Angel Orensanz Foundation´s prize" at AVIFF Art Film Festival (France), “Honorable mention” at Port Orchard Film Festival (USA) and “Audience Award” in Servime un corto (Uruguay) and has been selected in twenty four film festivals from USA, Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Bangladesh, Marroco, Brasil, Argentina and Uruguay. "Halo", his previous short film, has been awarded in Uruguay and selected in USA, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Italy, Spain and Uruguay.

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