I created War Pigs in 2007 when the really big ones were Bush, Sharon, Bin Laden, Hussein, and Blair. This interactive Shockwave piece decries these pigs and involves the Black Sabbath song War Pigs. The piece offers two very different ways to listen to War Pigs.

In ‘game mode’, the pigs are on the rampage and your job is to stop them. Your score represents the number of innocent civilians killed by war pigs today. Try to make your score 0. It’s an audio game of rhythm and timing. The song ‘War Pigs’ has been decomposed into loops. You try to click right at the end of the loop. The closer to the end you click, the lower your score. In game mode, there’s the score thing. But, also, it’s a different way to listen to the song. Listen to the loops.

‘Play mode’ is not competitive. Play the loops of ‘War Pigs’ like an instrument. Record your playings and save them to your computer. Or upload them to the net for others to hear. You can adjust the length of the loops, also.

My friend Regina Célia Pinto did the art on the waveform of war pigs through history. The Black Sabbath song War Pigs is used without permission but with respect.

You’ll need to install the Shockwave plugin, if you haven’t already, here.



Photo Credit: vhmAlex at Deviant Art