Web 2.0 is a meditation, in three parts, on digital technology using symbolist imagery. It explores deeper psychic and mythic aspects of cyberspace and social media. Web 2.0 combines my original video, music (piano and synthesizer keyboard), and poem. Most of video was shot in New York City: the Brooklyn Bridge superstructure symbolizing the Great Web and the Greenwich Village Halloween footage representing the mythic world surrounding us. The nature footage was shot in India in the Western Himalayas.  It’s from the series,VideoTonePoems-I: 2014.

VideoTonePoems-I: 2014, a DVD with 15 short pieces, is available on amazon.

About The Author

Payson Stevens

Payson Stevens has had two parallel tracks in his professional career: one in the field of science/science communication; the other in art, design, and film/video. Stevens helped pioneer the field of interactive multimedia starting in 1987 and received the Presidential Design Award for Excellence from Bill Clinton (1994). Since 2003 he has lived half the year in a remote Indian Himalayan Kullu Valley where he makes short documentaries on environmental and rural issues and has been an advisor to the Great Himalayan National Park since 2000. His earlier film awards include a CINE Golden Eagle and a New York Film Festival Silver Medal. In 2014 Stevens began developing experimental VideoTonePoems—mash-ups with themed messages on Nature, Spirit, and the human condition (Afflicted Messages).