Artist’s Statement: “What a Baby” was conceived as a performance piece for Heart Beats, a Beat Poetry exhibition presented at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, November 21, 2019. During the performance, I was joined on stage by a trombonist who deftly employed a mute to make his instrument “cry.” This work integrates text-based writing with an audio file created in Logic Pro that can be accessed by clicking a URL or by pointing a smartphone camera at the QR code located at the bottom of the page. In a time when boundaries between textual, visual, and aural art forms overlap, I’m inspired to extend and complicate traditional poetic expressions.


What a baby

what a fat fat baby

fat baby fat in fat in fact

in fact fact facts vax vax in

vaccination for fat baby babe

in fact infect effect baby in fect

facts in nation ation cation vacate

in fat nation vacation great great ney

shun hate nation ate nation hate shun

hate shun gradation great nation hasten

fast hasten fast hasten nation fasten nation

fascination nation fast fasten fat weight wait

weight fat weight wait weigh way way fat baby

weigh fat weigh fat wait baby wait baby baby wait

aby aby Amy Amy aim aim shoot don’t aim fat shoot

shoot shoe shoe who who you oo oo too fat too fat

too oo fat oo fat oo fat whose fat whose fat whose

wooze whose woozy woozy woozy Suzie Suzie you

who you woozie Suzie whose baby whose fat fat

fat baby fat maybe my baby what baby my fat

baby my baby what baby my baby what baby

baby my baby what what what wha wha wh

aa whaaa whaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaaa