i wrote a poem about you once and you’ve never let me forget it

do we have to talk or can we just mind meld

place your forehead on my brain and set it to defrost on high

for my birthday this year i want a pillow shake and a cuddle party

i bring the noisemakers and you the party hats

suddenly it begins to rain

did you pack an emergency kit

i am afraid of everything

even if it hasn’t been invented

i write poems in my phone and export them via bluetooth

it’s like when we hum into our roommates’ answering machines

or how you call me up and sing happy birthday even when it isn’t

if someone were narrating the movie of my life would you turn up the color knob and give me a green face

or watch it on mute and go out for cocktails instead

you can even fast forward to your own scenes

i promise not to bring it up when we meet at a pajama party in the next life

i hope we die in our halloween costumes

otherwise how will i know that it’s you

if we no longer have limbs to hang from

no, you’re batman and i’m robin, i thought we’d settled this before

try to imagine me slaying the catwoman on your behalf

and what about the dinosaur problem

we’ll always have godzilla

i’ve got to tell you how when you are sad

i want to build a fort from my tendons and bones and give you vip access

you are hovering over the west and tonight i’m bringing my gameface into the bathtub

i think frank o’hara said it best in that poem i can never remember its name

where he talks about pizza with anchovies and a maroon robe

i’m not romantic enough to dig my own grave

Photo Source:
Rare Fossils