Matthew Salesses is many things: male Homo sapiens sapiens, husband to female of same species, father to a baby girl, fiction editor at The Good Men Project, columnist at GMP, short story writer, novelist. I’d say that Matthew Salesses has little time on his hands and–had he world enough and time–he might play a little more coy with his writing. Fortunately for us, the world and our time upon it is finite. We therefore indulge in the fiction with which Matthew Salesses has graced us. His is a varied fictive world, one in which the laws of physics might fall apart, might remain intact, women with whom one enjoys a one-night stand return, years later, child in tow, where lusty affairs with famous artists’ trophy wives shake down in Prague’s statuette-studded studios. Sorry for all that alliteration.

In this issue of Atticus Review, sample these Salessesian treats: an excerpt from his novel-in-progress, Memories of Water; and, ten excerpts from I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying, a manuscript of flash fictions that, taken together, form a complete narrative.

What can I say about these pieces by Matthew Salesses? They speak so much for themselves. I can say I’m constantly surprised when I read his writing. I never know where he might be going. I suppose that this is what he means when he says that he doesn’t “want to feel too comfortable.” (See the Atticus Review Interview with Matthew Salesses.) He knows how to write of the subtlety behind a casual touch or a glance. He can also fuel you with the wonderment of forgetfulness, as his characters sometimes suffer the same derangement.

When I asked Matthew Salesses about what it means to be a good man, he said–basically–effort. Here we can see Matthew Salesses–in at least this one aspect of his life–trying very hard. He is a good man who is, fortunately, not hard to find.









Photo Source: Made for Mums