This poem was inspired by an aerial view of my town in the Southern Rockies. Everything looked so small from overhead and I could imagine I was a giant or alien watching humans complete their mundane tasks. So busy, we would undoubtedly be completely naive to its presence. This fantastical imagery juxtaposed with the realism of everyday life seemed like a perfect fit for animation. While the photos are taken from reality, the animator is an otherworldly creature manipulating them from above.

Johanna DeBiase is the author of Mama & the Hungry Hole, #4 in the Wordcraft Series of Fabulist Novellas. She writes from New Mexico where she is spellbound by the energy vortex of Taos Mountain. Her short fiction and video poems have appeared in Portland Review, theEEEL, Monkeybicycle, Convergence, Prick of the Spindle, and San Antonio Current, among others. The rest of the time, she is a certified yoga instructor, freelance journalist, vintage clothing boutique owner and mother of one. Follow her on Twitter @JohannaDeBiase or visit her website: