My video works, works on paper, and text are experimental-documentary.  I am interested in consciousness, in the interconnection between the fantastical dream, the everyday ordinary, and synchronicity.White Yang 2020, with Jeff Crouch, is from the Watchfiends series, six videos that examine challenges humanity faces. You can find out more about Watchfiends  here:

About The Author


Cecelia Chapman is an American artist born in San Francisco and living and working in Portugal. Her works in film, text and on paper investigate conditions that shape our consciousness.

Her film has been shown at Living With Buildings III (UK), Interalia Magazine, JokerJokerTV (USA), Habitat-Nonstop (Amsterdam) Festival Les Instants Vidéo (Milan), Timespecific (New York), Cotuit Center for the Arts (Massachusetts), The Line (London Art Fair), (New York), Immemory online exhibit, Mitte Media Festival (Berlin), Hamburg Primal Uproar, DotsWaves TV (London), Studio44 Film Festival (Stockholm), Magmart Film Festival (Italy), VideoSound Archive, Ranger, Atticus Review, Utsanga, Word for Word, Moving Poems, Die Leere Mitte, Houston Literary Review.