With a Hellish Splash

the miraculous alcoholics, liquid exorcists,

armed with forty raining days and nights of noah’s ark,

flood hades with waterslides, hell yes they do,

until the stark, fiery thereafter

transforms into adventure waterpark.

drooping souls do superloops through rivers of woe.

tantalus tantalizes us so as he glides by

on flumed and chuted ride,

waving with champagne glass in hand. charon merely rows

formerly tormented souls to frivolity.

the dead take a deep breath

then cannnonball into lethe.

hades must admit the melting ski resort theme

at hell’s furthest outskirts is a slick, flames-licking touch.

the miraculous alcoholics can’t help slipping down

dripping mountainsides just for fun, and very much

like to pretend they’re drunken ski instructors

slaloming uncontrollably through hell.

weary, they stay deeply asleep, trapped

in avalanche: tucked away in fake snowbound ch√Ęteau,

lost household which continually slides downhill.

Photo by Hamed Masoumi