On the surface, it looks like I forgot to attach a book to this StoryVid (that’s what I’m calling these things.) In truth, there are eight  profound and life-changing books attached to the video but they are attached subliminally. If you are an Atticus Review reader who is going to be at this year’s AWP in Portland, then you’ll have the opportunity to access these books. None of them were hurt in the making of this video.
The books will be floating around in the air around our heads as we experience what I’m calling Psycho-Literary Soul Colonics. I’ll be offering them at the Atticus Review table (9044) at AWP. I’m charging ten bucks, they will probably last 10-15 minutes.
Here’s the schedule; AWP Book Fair Table 9044.
Thursday 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Friday Noon to 3 pm
Saturday 9AM to 11AM
What is a Soul Colonic? Not completely sure yet. We’ll figure it out together. They might change as we move through the weekend. These mini-healings will be clean and hygienic, since they’re psychic (energetic). Any mess that I make will be invisible to almost everyone including me (maybe, mostly). I’ve created my own personal, private, uniquely individual set of tarot cards. We’ll start with a get-to-know-you reading.
Here are a few of the cards:
Based on what we see together when we talk through the spread of tarot cards, I will pull a random book for you from my Shame Studies Library. These are mystery books, a mystery to you and a mystery to me, in the sense that it will be a random match. I can’t bring all these books to AWP so you’ll have to order a copy for yourself when you get home. The universe will choose it for you. Better not ignore the universe. That’s my feeling.
Last part of the colonic will be the Shame Reduction exercise, which just means, you can, if you want, write down something you are ashamed of on an index card and stick it where the sun does shine. In a box of light. You might not be able to see the light. You have to trust it’s there.
More on that when you come to the table; gonna keep some of that a surprise as well. And if you’re not coming to AWP, you can still get in on the Shame Reduction. Instructions to follow. At a future date. Possibly. Subliminally. Energetically. WHOOSH.

Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, c. 1979
The Carol Burnett show, Mama’s Family sketch, c. the 70s
Crazy Heart, directed by Scott Cooper, c. 2009
Giant, directed by George Stevens, c. 1956